Sweat Shelters in Place with Signature Virtual Workouts

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Same Intensity, Same Accountability, Same Level of Coaching That You Love!

(Oakland, CA) – During this time of unprecedented stress, we want to continue supporting our community, one that’s blossomed and grown over these past six years. Right now, it’s critically important that we keep exercising to maintain our physical well-being and mental health.

Now that the Bay Area is experiencing three weeks of social distancing (staying inside and away from others), Sweat is continuing to offer members, their friends, colleagues and families with the same quality workouts you’ve come to know and love at our Oakland and Albany studios.

How? Using Zoom, Sweat is providing new bodyweight-only workouts several times a day, every day, incorporating the same HIIT cardio and strength work found in our group class experience. You’ll learn new moves, see some old favorites and work just as hard to keep intensity high (we can see you and will watch your every move)! Most importantly, Sweat’s virtual workouts are positive social fitness experiences and necessary time-outs from never-ending news updates and the confines of our home’s four walls.

Via Zoom, one coach will lead the workout, watching your form just like a regular Sweat class, while another coach remotely demonstrates the workout for you to follow, ensuring you don't miss a second of good sweating!

Our coaches will also provide real-time modifications, tempo recommendations, and adjustments to improve your individual home workout. Personally, I know that I work 150% harder when someone’s watching…and I won't stop my high knee sprint until I hear that bell!

Please schedule your Zoom workouts on our website. All of us at Sweat are excited to keep you accountable, helping each of you make workout time for yourself all through the week. Again, the beauty of Zoom is that we’re able to see you, coach you, and give you all the little pushes that you‘ve come to “love”!

Also, you’ll probably be in online class with many of the same people you've been working out next to for years, with new Sweat friends joining from across the country as our virtual program expands.

How It Works

1. Visit and click on “Book Virtual Class”

2. Register for your class at least 30 minutes before class start

3. You’ll receive an email invite to the Zoom workout meeting

4. 10 minutes before your Zoom class starts, join the meeting to review any technical issues

5. We will tell you which participant is the model for your workout

6. You will pin their video to watch the class. ***No one else will see you but the coach***

7. A Sweat coach will talk you through the entire class, watching your form, providing adjustments and offering those beloved pushes!

8. You give 110% …as usual!

9. You’ll get a great dose of endorphins, an opportunity to push your cardiovascular system and Sweat’s signature total body strength workout.


But don’t just take our word for it. Here are some recent Sweat Zoom Workout comments, we’re humbled to receive this great feedback!

“I loved my Zoom workout! I looked forward to it all day, it was also fun to coordinate with my workout buddies so that we were all in the same class. It’s such a stressful time, but I’m happy that I can keep up with my Sweat classes! Thanks so much for offering these classes.” - Alicia Glidden

“I immediately signed up for one of these classes as soon as they were available and, true to regular SWEAT form, they did not disappoint! Same tough class, same great workout, same community vibe, same great coach helping to push me and get the most out of the workout & being there to help correct my form when it was off. I was also really glad that I could do one of these virtual workouts with my son. Thank you so much, Cassie & SWEAT! I really appreciate that you are making these available!” - Ray Ramillosa

“Thank for adding Zoom classes, Cassie. I’m already three Zoom workouts in and I LOVE it! I’m pretty sore from yesterday’s workout. I’m loving that I can roll out of bed and workout just a couple of minutes later. I’m getting more sleep and a great workout without having to leave my house. I’m definitely much better off when I have accountability!” – Laura John

“I loved the 30 minute Zoom workout we did last night. It was challenging and really made me sweat! I loved being coached in real-time along with others in the class. When we're done sheltering in place, I'll be excited to come back to the studio, but would also love if the Zoom option remains. (There may not always be time to travel to the studio for a 50-min class, but it's very easy to fit a 30-min zoom into even the craziest of busy days.) For now, these Zoom workouts are what I'll look forward to.” - Phoebe Bruckner

“Thank you so much for adding these workouts, they are absolutely awesome! My kids also loved how they completed their first Sweat workout. We can't wait for our next family workout.” - Sari Weiss

“Thank you so much for doing the Zoom classes! They are exactly what we need in this stressful time. Felt great to have the virtual coach and be virtually around other as well; it kept me accountable and was just a lot of fun! I’m sore from yesterday’s class!” - Marissa Glidden

“Thank you, Cassie for offering virtual classes during shelter in place. Attended my first one this morning (with Anya!) and quickly thereafter signed up for more as a daily routine. Challenging, well-coached, and a great way to foster a sense of community. Serious sweat - felt great. Back at it tomorrow!” - Lilian Asperin

“I’m really appreciative of the Zoom classes, which give me some sanity, normalcy and camaraderie during these crazy days. Thanks for running these, Cassie. If I were just jogging or using an app, I’d be super bored and probably only hitting 60% of what I could do. It’s super motivating…and I feel connected to the community. Biggest downside? High fives are virtual! Whatever you do, please keep these going!” – Peter Bull

“Cassie’s 60-minute workout kicked my butt this morning – all body weight, no props. Who knew it could be so challenging? I’m so happy to be able to stay up on my fitness during the shelter in place. I’m very grateful to the (Sweat) studio for getting virtual workouts up and running so quickly and effectively!” – Sophia Contreras Schwartz

“These virtual workouts are keeping me sane! I was so afraid of what was going to happen to my workout plan during this difficult time, but Sweat came to the rescue! And honestly, according to my FitBit, I’m burning the most calories in a Sweat class. Today, I was in my peak heartrate zone for 26 minutes with a max at 192 with 610 calories burned – WHAT?! These workouts are incredible!” – Thea Brown

“These virtual workouts are such an awesome alternative to the in-person classes…and I’ve been coming to Sweat for years! The coaches are as motivating as ever, and the workouts just as tough. Such a great way to continue building strength, maintaining endurance and getting those endorphins during these stressful times!” - Leslie Lao

“I’m so grateful that Cassie added virtual workouts during this strange moment. The all-bodyweight exercise for 30 or 60 minutes are as tough as the in-person classes! I’m totally sore from doing classes two days in a row. I can’t wait to do it again.” – Blythe Sheldon

“These classes have been a great alternative to the in-person ones. They’re easy to follow, too. It’s nice to work out with people – even virtually – and gives me something to look forward to while being cooped up in my house. Thank you so much for adding these classes!” - Jennifer Coryell

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