Sweat: why we do what we do

(Oakland, CA) - SWEAT clients are amazing. Truly. I recently received this card from a member experiencing a potentially life-threatening health situation; it explains how SWEAT played a pivotal role in this member’s preparation for surgery, as well as recovery.

Even now, several days later, I still can’t express how deeply thankful I am to this member, as well as all members who choose to make SWEAT their fitness home. I speak for the entire team when I say that this card represents exactly why we do what we do for our members here in the East Bay.

SWEAT coaches make me proud every day. They’re expertly trained and highly motivated individuals attuned to members’ needs in group and private settings, always striving to create the most engaged, fun and meaningful fitness experiences for drop-ins, beginners and long-timers alike. They make SWEAT happen.

This thank you card is a powerful testament to taking on horrible health circumstances with a positive attitude – absolutely inspiring. It also demonstrates the authentic sense of personal belonging that we create every day in Oakland and Albany. It’s the glue that connects us to our members, as well as the foundation upon which we continue to build the SWEAT community. We couldn’t be more grateful.


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