How we do it....... The method behind the madness

Our goal as a community is to continually grow and evolve to be better humans, and I am so lucky that you trust the sweat team to help you achieve your goals in a safe enviroment.

Yes, we could make you do burpees for an hour, and that would burn a lot of calories! But how would your body feel during and after???? Like a car wreck!

Our programming is specifically curated to be the most effective without wear and tear on your precious joints. By shortening the time and increasing the intensity of the cardio work, we are leaving you breathless. This time trying to catch your breathe and recover for the next 24hrs is a high calorie burn recovery. And amazing for heart and lung health!

With the downtime between cardio sprints, we use this time to build precious strength by lifting true weighs and challenging stability work. Each day is a specific focus, so that the muscles are fully fully fatigued and need to grow to meet your demands. This need to grow and recover is your second post workout high calorie burn as well.

Sweat will always be welcoming for any level, any injury, any age! I have been blessed with finding amazing coaches who's goals align with yours: to always be evolving while respecting the human body.


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