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I am starting a weekly series to showcase how amazing and bada$$ you all are. Sweat was created with the sole purpose of helping you build a body for your best life. The workout is so hard, you need the group love to make it through. Now its time for you to see who you are REALLY working out next to!

Dr. Rachel Gomez, 1555 Sweat Workouts (and counting!)

"I started at Sweat (I think the day after opening day?) because, between surgery residency training and having kids, it’d been EIGHT YEARS since I’d worked out & no amount of spandex in my denim was going to be able to accommodate me if I kept that up!!

Why I came back… I very nearly died after that first 6 AM work out (Cassie almost had to start the 7 AM class with me still on the floor!) but a couple days later, when I could walk again without crying, I came back…and over 7 years later, I keep coming back. Sweat is the best way to start my day; it’s the little something I do for myself at the start of each day and it’s what allows me to spend the rest of my day caring for other people. Who am I… A mother (2 humans, 1 Weimaraner), wife, surgeon, foodie/home chef, world & US National Park traveler, hiker, scuba diver & succulent addict! What motivates me? My initial motivation was to lose weight. Sweat helped me achieve my goal weight at a healthy pace. What I started to notice along the way, though, was how much better I felt overall when I started my day with a 6 AM work out; my mood was better, I had more energy, I was more resilient, I was able to more easily make healthier food choices (mainly because I would ask myself “if I ate that donut, HOW MANY BURPEES WOULD I HAVE TO DO???”), and I slept better. The way I FELT after a work out has since become my motivation…my addiction! I am a better mother, wife, and surgeon on the days that I take some time to go to sweat and do something for myself…and it’s why I still come almost every day. The bonus of it all is that I am now stronger than I was in my 20s; back then, I wouldn’t have been able to hike the 22 mile round trip Na’Pali coastline hike in Kauai or to the top of Angel’s Landing in Zion, but now I can do it all while bribing children to do it with me…and all thanks to Sweat!

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