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Group workouts


Arrive with enough time to find street parking which is offered, but sometimes limited, around each studio. 


We ask that you sign up for your class ahead of time, so that the check in process is quick for everyone.

Upon entering the studio, check in with the trainer. Be sure to mention any injuries. 

Drop your bag in a cubby, fill up your water bottle, and grab a towel (you'll need it!).

Warming Up

Class starts right on the hour, beginning with a warmup that fits the workout that day.


Warming up is important for injury prevention and for performing the workout at your peak.


Your coach will lead you through stretches and bodyweight movements to get your joints and muscles ready for the weights and cardio intervals. 


After the warmup, your trainer will demo each station in today's workout.


Each exercise in written at the station, and your trainer will call it out, demo technique, set goals and call out any variations for working around injury or to increase difficulty.


While you will sometimes see a familiar station, no two circuits are ever the same. 


Once the timer starts, you'll be away. Your trainer will be checking on everyone's form and differentiating instruction based on  observed technique and abilities.  

It's ok if you are at a different fitness level to those around you.. In fact, chances are you are. Everyone is working hard, getting stronger, and getting fitter together! 

After a round we will take a minute water break to recover. Enjoy the rest before getting back into it for another couple rounds. 

Cool Down

You made it! 

Give your workout partners and neighbors a high five! Making it through a sweat workout is something to celebrate.

Enjoy the guided stretching at the end, If you are dealing with any additional tightness, now is a great time to ask the trainer for some additional help for increasing your mobility.

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