Upon entering the studio, check in with the trainer. Be sure to mention any injuries. 

Drop your bag in a cubby, fill up your water bottle, grab a towel, and find a spot on the floor to loosen up.

Pro Tips - Classes always begin on time, so please allow a few minutes to find street parking (which is available, but sometimes limited), If you can, sign up for your class ahead of time, so that the check in process moves quickly for everyone.

Warm Up

Each class typically begins with a warmup exercise. Warming up is important for performing the workout at your peak as well as preventing injuries.


Your coach will lead you through stretches and bodyweight movements to get your joints and muscles ready for the weight and cardio intervals.


After the warmup, your coach will demonstrate the exercise at each station in the circuit, as well as any alternative movements you can use to work around injuries or increase/decrease exercise difficulty.


No two classes are ever the same, though you'll quickly become familiar with the various exercise stations.


Once the timed circuit begins, your coach will be monitoring everyone's form and technique, and will offer individual instruction and encouragement.

It's okay if you work out at a different pace than those around you. Everyone starts at their own level, and we get stronger and fitter together!

After each round, we will take a one minute water break. Enjoy the rest -- you earned it! 

Cool Down

You made it! Give your workout partners and neighbors a high five! Making it through a Sweat workout is something to celebrate!

Every class ends with a guided stretch. If you are feeling any lingering tightness or soreness, feel free to ask the trainer for some additional stretching activities or advice.