Group Classes:
What to expect & Getting Set up


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Arrive Five Minutes early to check in:

your coach will lead the group through a warmup and discuss the circuit of the day.

you will partner up and complete the circuit of 10 different stations of weights, cardio, balls, trx, and other "toys" for a timed interval. Everyone works to their own level, and the coach is there to give modifications, correct form, and motivate a great workout!

Our strength-driven interval program varies every day. Both in terms of the structure, timing and exercises. This keeps it fresh, and your muscles guessing(and growing!).

Everyone has their own level of fitness and strength, we all work hard and get healthier each workout. you will quickly see results by showing up consistently and doing your best each time.

While each day is different, some things never change:

Our fun, energetic trainers will demo the moves, help correct form, offer modifications and push those who need an extra challenge!