Cassie Hecker | Owner & Founder

Originally from Cincinnati, Cassie's love of fitness and all things active began as a youth with ballet lessons and tee-ball games. She soon discovered that she enjoyed the conditioning aspect of practice better than the actual competition.

While attending college at Xavier University (Go Muskies!), she began her fitness career behind the front desk of a local gym – where she was able to take all the spinning, Pilates, and strength training classes that she could stand! And the seed was planted...

With now over 17 years of experience as a trainer, she’s earned multiple certifications in personal training and group fitness (NASM), Pilates (Power Pilates), and nutrition (Precision Nutrition). And while she’s well-educated in the science of physical fitness, her training philosophy is simple – Being healthy should be fun!

Carl Harding

Carl has his master's in Sports Psychology, and uses his knowledge to motivate and inspire his students to achieve their goals. Carl has been in the fitness industry for over 9 years, and he loves sharing his passion of health with everyone he meets.


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Lexie Liquez


Lexie began as a Sweat member and quickly fell in love with the diverse workouts, personalized attention from trainers, and the difference in her body after a few weeks. Intending to become a physician, and passion for preventive health, Lexie has a strong belief that exercising not only builds muscle strength but helps improve our mood and memory. She enjoys helping people reach their health goals while approaching every fitness level with encouragement and care. Originally from Houston, Texas, Lexie loves scary movies, algebra, and developing the perfect workout playlist!

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Rachelle Cihonski


Rachellle is a NASM certified personal trainer and certified group fitness instructor (Les Mills BODYPUMP and BODYATTACK). An editor by trade, Rachelle previously worked as the editor of 24Life, the digital lifestyle magazine and blog for 24 Hour Fitness, where she interviewed some of the top names in health and fitness, wrote and produced workouts, and more. She was also responsible for creating, directing, and overseeing much of the fitness content for the company's fitness app, 24GO, as well as the company's digital and print marketing campaigns. She is an East Bay native, and currently works as a cookbook editor, where she channels her second passion for food and cooking!

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Justin Mann

Justin grew up a lover of all sports back in Australia, and continues to share his passion for Aussie Rules Football playing and coaching of adult teams here in California. He is a former swim coach and accredited AUSTSWIM Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety. Justin shares our passion for health and love of all sports outdoors here in Cali.

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Jessica DiBaise

Jessica has been a life long lover of fitness and health. Shes has competed in just about everything from elite gymnastics, swimming, triathlons and now Kettlebell Sport Lifting. Jessica is the first American Female Master of Sport in the Long Cycle and one of the first women in the world to compete in the traditional Biathlon (jerk and snatch) with the 20kg kettlebell. 


Kyliegh Johnson

Kyleigh is passionate about moving and grooving in community, whether it be through sports, yoga, spin, dance or strength training. She plays Australian football and has spent the last year training with the USA team. As a coach, Kyleigh cares about supporting the discovery of personal joy and play when building physical strength and endurance.

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Jason Mora

Jason was born and raised in Sacramento.  The Bay Area became my second home when I got promoted to a corporate level position at Crossroads Trading where I have been working for 13+ years.  I have a career in fashion but fitness has grown to be a huge passion of mine.  I inherited my athleticism from both my parents who I grew up watching play co-ed softball.  Sports and athletics always came natural to me and I am a stickler for form. 

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Ashley Lun

Ashley grew up as a constant body in motion! She quickly focused her energy on ballet, and that focus on perfect form comes out in her teaching. As a mother, she valued the efficiency of a Sweat workout, starting as a client first. She retired from teaching little ones ballet, and is now loving pushing all levels through 'fun' sweat workouts


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Katie Parr

As a lifelong runner, Katie quickly saw the benefits of adding in Strength Training and HIIT cardio three years ago when she first came to Sweat. Wanting to share her love of fitness and help others see the benefits, Katie joined the team a year later. 

Katie's motivating classes are filled with a mix of 00s hip hop, encouraging words, and the right amount of "pushing"!

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Ashley Cramer

A lifelong fitness addict, Ashley C began as a regular client at our Rockridge studio. Her positive attitude and in depth knowledge of exercises and proper form made her a perfect fit for our studio. She encourages clients to push out of their comfort zone to build strength and improve cardiovascular health.  She teaches elementary school, currently in Piedmont. Ashley is skilled in differentiating workouts based on clients’ limitations and/or fitness goals. She believes firmly that fitness and regular and varied workouts can enrich anyone’s life


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