Sara-Jean Bartky

Sara-Jean Bartky


Squat: 165 lbs

Sub 7min mile

Bulgarian lunges: 60 lbs

2 unassisted chin-ups


About Coach

I was very into sports such as softball and running (cross country and track) growing up. It wasn't until post-grad school that I decided to push my endurance and tried running competitively. Eventually, I was able to place in a few 5k roads and trail races out here in California, being at the top in my age and gender groups. What pushed me to do HIIT and weight training was when my friend took me to a class and I couldn't keep up despite all of my endurance training. I realized I had to put effort into building muscles and endurance that way. Now, I can't stop!

Turning Point

I realized that the way I viewed my body and food was not healthy. Rather than strive to look "skinny" or "perfect", according to my perceived view of what was acceptable by society's standards, I wanted to be the strongest version of myself. I wanted to continue and want to push my own mental and physical limits to see what my body can do.

Motivation & Passion

I'm impassioned to serve any person who wants to see what they are capable of both physically and mentally!

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