Kyleigh Johnson

Kyleigh Johnson


TrailRun a Marathon: ✅

Dance every day: ✅

Three minute plank: ✅


About Coach

I am passionate about moving and grooving in the community, whether it be through sports, yoga, spin, dance, or strength training. I grew up in soccer and ballet, and as an adult, I played Australian football. I was recently training with the USA team. As a coach, Kyleigh cares about supporting the discovery of personal joy and play when building physical strength and endurance.

Turning Point

Starting in my twenties, I learned to help my anxiety and depression by moving my body. I learned how to pivot from exercise as a thing you are supposed to do to looking a certain way toward exercise as a tool for mental health, inciting joy, and building strength to do the activities I love in life.

Motivation & Passion

I coach them to build joy and move with the community. It's as simple as that. Seeing people grow -- encourages my own growth.

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