Gabriel Pridgen-Daniels

Gabriel Pridgen-Daniels


Squat 500

Mile: 5:30

2 mile: 13:30

500-meter swim: 5:10

100-meter dash 10.90


Whittier College: Kinesiology Degree


First Aid

About Coach

I've played a lot of sports, name a few: Swimming, Football, Water Polo, Wrestling, and Track and Field. I have always loved training, pushing myself to get better every day is always so much fun. I enjoy a challenge, accomplishing something I cannot do, and practicing until I excel at the task at hand.

Turning Point

The turning point for me is when I was in eighth grade and played football for Junior Wolverines, we were not that good. We were so bad that by the third game, my parents took me out at halftime. My parents felt as though the team kept getting worse and because our lineman did not know how to block properly it could increase my chances of tearing my ACL. So at half-time I gave my helmet and pads to my coach and had to tell the whole team I was quitting. Once I got to school the next week the new starting Running Back and the rest of the team called me a quitter and the next thing I know almost everyone in school was calling me a quitter by the end of the week. They continued to call me to quitter the rest of the school year along with other harsh names. From that point on I made a promise to myself that I would never quit anything again, and will give my all no matter what. The only exception was if the seasons ended for the sports I was playing and I was unhappy that I would not continue on for the next season. I take this lesson through everything I do and always give my 100% effort.

Motivation & Passion

The purpose of my coaching is to help others achieve the goals that they seek. My motivation as a coach is to see the people I coach to accomplish the goals that they never thought would be attainable. Watching them dedicate themselves and see their hard work pay off, is one of the biggest motivating factors in coaching. I want to serve those who need a leader and to help those I coach both mentally and physically.

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