Cassie Hecker

Cassie Hecker



About Coach

After 10 years in the industry, I created and opened Sweat in 2014 to fill the void I saw in the industry: A group workout fit for the silent type A busy parent/professional. The Sweat programming is purely focused on building a highly functioning body with workouts that are strength focused with effective cardio work. As a high performer outside of the gym, each class you can squeeze into your week must be the most effective, most efficient, and above all else the safest.

Turning Point

Motivation & Passion

After spending years in all sorts of different types of gyms watching women skip the weights, seeing a bad form with crazy lifts, and weekend warriors always getting injured, I created our format to make strength training "fun", well balanced and very effective at making all bodies stronger without injuring joints. There is a method to the madness: varying how we overload the muscle group of the day, how we push the heart rate, and how your balance/stability is challenged to be a high-functioning human. As a busy mother of two littles and keeping two gyms running, I also need my own workouts to be as effective and efficient as possible! The few workouts I get in a week are always my best "me time" with the sweat community pushing me to be my best!

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