Flex Your Sweat: Coach Jason!

Sweat Gym
November 21, 2022
Flex Your Sweat: Coach Jason!

This week we are highlighting Coach Jason, who's passion for the workouts and community started years ago..... as a client!

Why did you start working out at Sweat?

I started working out at Sweat in 2013. I remember Paul just moved in with me and he was looking for places to workout at and came across Sweat. He went to a few classes and raved about how great of a workout he got. We attended my first class together on a Sunday and I remember wanting to die half way through my first round. I clearly remember the battle ropes being the station that was about to break me but once class was over I felt amazing! Always one to never back down from a challenge, I began coming once a week and slowly increased my attendance from there.

And why did you come back?

I took time off after injuring my knee in a car accident. I was focusing on lower impact exercises to help strengthen my knee. I had a membership at Equinox and the manager of group fitness was trying to recruit me to teach. I knew Equinox wasn’t the right fit for me. Luckily the manager of Sweat, at the time, offered to be my mentor in becoming a group fitness instructor and I jumped at the opportunity. From there I was coming back regularly to learn the ropes of leading a Sweat class.

Who you are outside of Sweat?

Outside of SWEAT I work full-time as a buyer for Crossroads Trading Company where I have been for over 16 years. I started working for the company when I was 18 years old at their store in my hometown of Sacramento. Overtime I worked my way up to my current position as the Sell By Mail Program Manager.

In my personal time I like to focus on my first love of illustration and portraiture. I live with my boyfriend and partner in crime, Paul, of eight years in Oakland with our fur baby of one year Sasha.

I like to stay busy with family, friends, cooking, eating, watching movies, I am a huge Marvel and Real Housewives fan, online shopping, and going wherever the day will take me.

What motivates you?

I am motivated by being the best version of myself. Whether that’s with fitness, work, and being a good person.

Life is short and we really don’t know how much time we have, especially with the ones we love so I like to make the most of each day. I have always had the “glass is half full” perspective.

How the workouts have gotten you ready to do some epic things (and what)?

Working out in general was a big part in my recovery from my knee injury. Knowing what exercises to do and listening to my physical therapist, really helped me to strengthen my knee. I can never stress the importance of listening to your body and proper form to avoid injury.

SWEAT has helped me to increase my stamina for every day life. The amount of energy circulating through my body after a work out really pushes me to get a lot done at work, after work and within the following week.

Working out at SWEAT with the community of clients has also been a great way to stay social and sane through this crazy pandemic. SWEAT would be nothing without our amazing clients. That’s the best part of group fitness is working with people and being able to motivate them to make themselves stronger.

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