kickstart 2021

It's a new year (finally!) and the perfect time to commit to new healthy, sweaty habits!

For extra support reaching your goals, join our KICKSTART 2021 program: 

  • $150 for 4 weeks of outdoor weekday workouts

  • Choose one time slot: 6 / 9am or  5:30 / 6:30pm 

  • We reserve your personal pod, for your chosen set time, Monday - Friday

  • PLUS: Get exclusive nutrition and workout advice!


How it works

$150 for 4 weeks (M-F)

Get a month's worth of weekday classes for just $7.50/class! Sign up to pick a time slot before they sell out (6, 8, 9am, 4:30, 5:30 or 6:30pm).


We'll reserve your daily pod

Once you've picked your time, we'll reserve your pod for that time each day, Monday - Friday, for the next 4 weeks (starting when you sign up).


Get extra advice & support

We'll send you exclusive fitness and health tips. You'll learn how to manage 4-5 weekly workouts for maximum results and sufficient recovery.